Dr. Obeng and RESTORE to Ghana

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Melissa Meeks, a nurse and mom of three, turned to Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Michael K. Obeng’s Restore Charity to “get back to feeling great. “If this procedure makes me feel good about myself and gives me that extra boost, then I’m all for it,” she told Inside Edition prior to surgery.

She said she wanted a nose job and fuller breasts.

“After having three kids, you know, your body changes,” she said.

Surgery began with a breast augmentation. She opted for the D-cup size.

The doctor placed the implants through a small incision.

Next, she underwent a rhinoplasty procedure to slim down the bridge of her nose and smooth out the tip.

The entire surgery took just two hours.

A week after the surgery, Inside Edition paid her a visit.

“I feel amazing!” she said.Her nose was still a little swollen, but she says the new shape is perfect.

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