Joseph D. Mong | RESTORE Worldwide

Joseph D. Mong is the Owner of J.D. Mong Enterprises, a global Engineering and Research company that specializes in land and commodity acquisitions. He is the epitomy of hard work and perseverance. As a child growing up in Northeast Ohio plagued by the untimely death of his beloved father, Joseph had to grow up, which he did and made hard work his mantra.

He put himself through high school and college, working many odd jobs. His humble beginnings, hard work and can-do attitude made Joseph a small town darling, and everyone who comes in contact with him even as an adult can but only love him. Mr Mong believes that success is a combination of hard work and good planning, and further believes that “luck” is being prepared when the right opportunity arrives.

As a global philantropist, humanitarian, and long time patron of the Shriner’s Burns Hospital, Mr. Mong knows a thing or two about giving-back. He has given selflessly not only his wealth but his time in any capacity that is required of him in many places including soup kitchens in Ohio as well as countries in Africa and India. Mr. Mong is an avid reader, nature-loving adventurer and loves to travel. Joseph D. Mong is happily single and resides in Salem, Ohio.