Mark B. Barron

Capital Crew Entrepreneur, Inventor and Futurist Mark B.Barron started his first business in his youth. Decades later, he is still excited by the next new challenge. Mr. Barron is a native of Southern California and one of the biggest philanthropist the region has seen.

As a child who battled with dyslexia and persevered through it to reach this high level of success, Mark knows what children with physical impairment goes through. In 1979, he invented and patented the “Chemo Cap” to prevent alopecia caused by chemotherapy, an invention that remains on the cutting edge of medical technology today. In 1982, he founded a legal referral consulting firm that worked with well known trial lawyers such as Melvin Belli. Barron launched his highly successful company Public Transportation Safety International (PTS) in 1993.

Mr. Barron is currently shaping the future by developing new technology and bringing to life his vision of a 21st century consumer delivery-on-demand service. This patented new delivery system, Consumeron, could prove to be a paradigm shift in e-commerce that will overshadow the likes of One of his other passions in life is “incentivize birth control”- getting people the right and proper tools before starting a family, which the likes of Warren Buffet and Bill Gates believes in. Mark B. Barron is happily single and currently lives in Bel-Air, California.