Meng Ngy

    Meng NgyKhovis a seasoned leader of innovative technologies and international business management with an extensive track record of over 25 years in the Asia Pacific, Europe, and North [...]

Dawn Sutherland – Board Member

Dawn Sutherland is vice president and controller for Southern California / Las Vegas Operations of the United States Client Operations division at Xerox Corporation. In this role, Sutherland [...]

Joseph D. Mong – Board Member

Joseph D. Mong is the Owner of J.D. Mong Enterprises, a global Engineering and Research company that specializes in land and commodity acquisitions. He is the epitomy of hard work and [...]

Mark B. Barron – Board Member

Capital Crew Entrepreneur, Inventor and Futurist Mark B.Barron started his first business in his youth. Decades later, he is still excited by the next new challenge. Mr. Barron is a native of [...]